C-NRPP Listed Homeowner Devices

This web page will provide guidance to homeowners on options about commercially available radon devices to verify that the installed radon mitigation systems is functioning properly or continuous monitoring to determine radon levels before seeking the help of a professional.

Currently, there are no devices listed, however you can check back regularly and devices will be posted as they have been approved and listed.



This list includes devices submitted by the manufacturers and that have been evaluated to meet a minimum set of requirements as specified by C-NRPP.



Long-Term Radon Test – is a radon test which is of duration of longer than 90 days

Short-Term Radon Test –is a radon test which is of duration of at least 48 hours but less than 91 days


Device Types:

Home Radon Monitors (HRM) –  can be plugged in or hardwired into a home/building and is set to activate an alarm when the continual monitoring of radon in the air alerts the device to elevated levels, of sustained or averaged amounts of above 200 Bq/m3 over a minimum period of 30 days or a calculated level of a similar contributing exposure amount.  The Home Radon Alarm may or may not also have a readout which provides the homeowner with the averaged radon level at one or more than one time intervals.  The alarm can be muted for a set period of days (maximum 5 days) to allow homeowners to assess the need for further testing or mitigation.  These devices have an expiry date indicating when they should be replaced.  If a homeowner has a radon alarm which goes into an alarmed state, a certified C-NRPP professional should be contacted for direction on further actions required.

Digital Radon Monitors (DRM) – are only for homeowner use.  It continuously monitors the air for radon. After being turned on or reset for an initial period set by the manufacturer, the device displays the average radon concentration continuously and can be used for short- term or long -term measurements. This type of detector is useful for homeowners that have radon mitigation systems installed in order to continuously monitor radon levels in the home. These detectors may have an expiration date or calibration date where they should be returned to the manufacture for replacement or re-calibration.  Please consult the manufacturer’s information package supplied with the device.  These devices do not replace the need for a professional measurement and do not meet the requirements of a third-party validated test.  If a device displays levels above acceptable radon concentration, a homeowner should contact a C-NRPP certified professional for direction on further actions required.

Note: C-NRPP recommends that a decision for mitigation be based on a long term test as recommended under Health Canada measurement protocols.


C-NRPP Device List:

Device Type Device Manufacturer Device Description Optimal

Test Duration

Device Approval Number Where to purchase devices:






Currently, there are no devices listed, however you can check back regularly and devices will be posted as they have been approved and listed.

You can find details on the minimum requirements and the approval process here. (link will be added)

If you are a C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professional looking for devices you should use the C-NRPP Listed Professional Devices. (link will be added)