Resources For Trainers

Following is a list of protocols/guides for mitigation training material. These Health Canada guides maybe circulated in advance as reference material to participants, for both Measurement and Mitigation.

1. Measurement Protocols

Health Canada Guide for Radon Measurements in Residential dwellings (Homes)
Health Canada Guide for Radon Measurement in Public buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Care facilities, Detention Centres)

2.Mitigation Protocols

Reducing Radon Levels in existing homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors.
Knowledge on the ASTM Standards: ASTM International E-1465 and ASTM International E -2121.

3. Quality Assurance

EPA Guidance on Quality Assurance 402 -R-95-012 , October 1997.

4. Health Canada (add’l reference materials)
To prepare for the C-NRPP exam include, Health Canada radon publication brochures report, listed below:

Link to Health Canada Resource Centre
Smoker’s factsheet
Radon public brochure
Radon: What you need to know
Radon brochure for Health Professionals
Radon its your health