Quality Assurance Requirements

Quality Assurance Plan Requirements

An organization should strive to provide a customer with a product which meets their expectations.  It is important for a radon measurement professional and laboratory provide a measurement to a homeowner that is reliable for basing their decision of mitigation and confirmation of a mitigation systems effectiveness of maintaining low radon levels in a building. C-NRPP has developed a Quality Assurance Manual which specifies requirements for conducting radon measurements so radon professionals can ensure that testing is consistently reliable and errors are identified quickly.

Quality controls must be in place to ensure that radon testing devices are functioning correctly. This will help to increase the public’s confidence in the radon industry, and ensure that public health is protected by ensuring that buildings with elevated radon levels can be accurately identified, and verification tests for radon mitigation systems are consistent in measuring their effectiveness.

C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual final version will be posted shortly.

New C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual – draft December 2015

New Certification Requirements – Quick Reference Guide

The following Quality Assurance Control Chart Templates may be freely used by C-NRPP certified professionals:
(Note: The templates are Excel spreadsheets, set up based on device types used with multiple spreadsheets per file.)

C-NRPP Control Charts Templates for E-Perm Devices – Measurement Professionals

C-NRPP Control Charts Templates for Passive Devices – Measurement Professionals

C-NRPP Control Charts Templates for Passive Device Laboratories

C-NRPP Control Charts Templates for CRMs – Measurement Professionals

Copies of these instructions and charts may be downloaded by clicking links above.  Email info@c-nrpp.ca if you have trouble.

Those professionals using E-Perm System may also utilize programs from the original device manufacturer which can be used to conform to this reporting requirement.