The Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) works to increase homeowner awareness of radon across the country, and develops guidelines to ensure professionals maintain high standards of work and ethics in their practice.

We work with various groups to provide programs and resources so certified professionals can deliver the best possible service, have access to current information on technology, industry standards and news. C-NRPP further helps professionals by providing printed materials to help them advertise their business, and reviewing devices and labs to ensure their measurement devices meet proper specifications and quality assurance standards.

By holding professionals to high standards of practice, we help ensure the continued respect of our industry.  Homeowners have a place in the process, and can refer to our Complaint Process if they feel a professional hasn’t met appropriate standards.

Types of Certification:

Radon Measurement Professional

Radon Mitigation Professional

CRNCH Installer/Inspector

Radon Analytical Laboratory