C-NRPP certified professionals are required to maintain Professional Practice Credits and part of these credit requirements are 4 hours of C-NRPP approved Continuing Education Courses.

CE course providers are encouraged to develop courses based on, but not limited to, topics such as: Canadian guidance, protocols, differences in the U.S and Canadian certification programs, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, health risk communications, public awareness, marketing the radon risk reduction message, etc. All courses must be 50 % directly related to radon, and require a test to evaluate student proficiency and a course review for providers to receive feedback from students.

Trainers who would like to develop an Entry Level Certification course, must be certified in the area in which they are training.

Courses may be Classroom or online and in English or French.

Information on how to apply to have your Entry Level Certification Course or Continuing Education Course approved by C-NRPP is found here.C-NRPP CE Manual – April 2023

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