Maintaining Certification

Quick Steps to Renew

C-NRPP Measurement Professional

  1. Pay your fees annually
  2. Accumulate and record your C-NRPP Renewal Requirements
  3. Complete the C-NRPP Code of Ethics Course.
  4. File your CNRPP Renewal Application

C-NRPP Mitigation Professional

  1. Pay your fees annually
  2. Accumulate and record your C-NRPP Renewal Requirements
  3. Maintain Insurance
  4. Complete the C-NRPP Code of Ethics Course.
  5. File your CNRPP Renewal Application before the expiration date (every 2 years)

C-NRPP Analytical Lab

  1. Maintain quality control charts
  2. Pay fees and file Analytical Renewal Form every 2 years; submit appropriate quality control documents (see C-NRPP Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manual for Radon Sampling and Analysis conducted by Radon Measurement Professionals and Laboratories Dec 2018 for more information)

A C-NRPP Certified Professional agrees to:

  • Keep themselves current and informed and satisfy any continuing education requirements specific to their certification, conduct themselves in a professional manner befitting their Certified status.
  • Present their certified status to the public, and provide or show their certificate/certification number for each customer job.
  • Conduct business in accordance with the protocols and quality assurance and quality control prescribed by the C-NRPP Policy Advisory Board.
  • Adhere to approved Measurement and Mitigation Standards and protocols
  • Display the C-NRPP logo as a certified professional on my promotional materials, discontinue said display if I am no longer certified.

A Certified Professional will:

  • Develop and follow a QA Plan
  • Maintain continuing professional practice credits (see table below)*
  • Renew for the certification by the anniversary date of the end of certification

C-NRPP Mitigation Professionals must show proof of insurance for all renewals after January 1, 2017. – Please see C-NRPP Communications Brief – Sept 2016 Mandatory Insurance

C-NRPP Professional Practice Credits
Measurement and Mitigation Certification Renewal Requirements:

C-NRPP requirements for maintaining certification in radon measurement and mitigation are intended to encourage and recognize Canadian radon professional’s involvement in the radon industry’s development and growth.

20 credits are required for renewal every 2 years:

  • 4 credits must come from C-NRPP approved Continuing Education Courses
  • 16 credits must come from at least 2 out of the remaining 4 categories


C-NRPP Approved Continuing Education Courses

(16 credits from at least 2 of the below categories)

Community Outreach and Radon Awareness                         

  • 1hr of participation = 1 credit
  • activities which you are active in providing radon information to the community
  • Ex. Presentation to a community group, participating in a trade show/home show/annual conference with an information booth or presentation; Lunch and Learn or Breakfast training/information sessions

Radon Industry Participation                                                             

  • 1hr of participation = 1 credit
  • activities which will enhance and encourage development of the radon industry within Canada
  • Ex. Participate on CARST committees; other radon focused work groups or committees; or take action stakeholder groups

Professional Development                                                                  

  • 1 hr of course = 1 credit
  • courses or participation in educational activities
  • Ex. any courses for professional or personal development; may include other certification courses; courses require for professional development; radon workshops; air quality workshops; lung association training etc.


Hands On Practice                                                      

  • Limit of 10 Hands-On Credits per renewal
  • 1 measurement job = 1 credit 
  • 1 mitigation job = 2 credits
  • practical radon work which will provide homeowners and building owners with the necessary radon services they require


Renewal Documents:

CNRPP Renewal Application

Analytical Renewal Form

C-NRPP Renewal Required Credits (Information and Examples)

C-NRPP Renewal Required Credits (Blank Form)