Radon Labels

Proper labeling on radon systems is an important aspect for current and future homeowners.  C-NRPP has developed labels in accordance with the CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) standards which can be found here.

C-NRPP recommends using bilingual labels, in accordance with the recommendations of the standard.  Due to the size of the label and volume of text, two labels are required to meet this.

The information below links to pdfs of each label.  Radon professionals, building inspectors, builders are free to download and use the pdfs to print their own labels.  The labels can also be ordered through C-NRPP.  The labels are currently free for C-NRPP Professionals and Building Officials (shipping charge only).

C-NRPP and Provincial Building Inspectors:  Order your labels online here.

Home Builders can also order the labels for a charge, or use the wording to design your own labels. Order your labels online here.

We recommend that you order both English and French labels.

Mitigation Labels