Child Care Centre’s FAQ

I am interested in testing my child care centre for radon.  Who can I contact to help me?

Look for a professional who has C-NRPP Measurement certification.  You can find someone in your area by looking on our Find a Professional list.

I’m not sure how to start, can you give me some guidance on what is involved in testing and fixing my child care centre for radon?

C-NRPP has developed resources to help Child Care Centres test for radon.  You can find them on our page which is specifically developed with resources for you. Child Care Centres and Radon

Homeowner’s FAQ

I have tested my home for radon and have received my report, but I’m not sure what to do next?

If you review your radon report from the lab, you should notice the radon level reported in Bq/m3 .  This is the average radon level in your home during the testing period.  A homeowner can make a decision to mitigate in a faster time line, however Health Canada has some recommendations on at what levels and how quickly to mitigate your home and reduce radon levels.

     Health Canada’s Recommended length to mitigate

0-200 Bq/m3 – No action required
200 – 600 Bq/m3 – Mitigate the building within two years
Above 600 Bq/m3 – Mitigate the building within one year

How do I ensure I’m hiring the right professional?

A C-NRPP certified professional will be trained to help you.

Look for a C-NRPP Measurement Professional to help you with measuring your home or building for radon.

Look for a C-NRPP Mitigation Professional to help you fix a home or building which has elevated levels of radon.

You can find a certified professional on the C-NRPP Find a Professional list.

Here is some information on what to look for when hiring a mitigation contractor.


I heard about radon when I lived in the US, however I thought it wasn’t an issue in Canada?

The EPA in the US has been proactive in raising awareness for years.  Health Canada did not recommend taking action until 2007 when they reviewed more current research and realized that homeowner risk is greater at lower radon concentrations than they previously had realized. In Canada we continue to increase the tightness of our buildings, and we spend a good portion of our lives inside. So, yes, radon is a concern for us in Canada.


Should I test for radon before selling my house?


Professional’s FAQ

I am interested in becoming a certified professional in Canada.  How do I go about this?

You can check out information on our website on How to Become C-NRPP Certified.


I understand that C-NRPP is now requiring C-NRPP Mitigation Professionals to have liability insurance as part of their certification.   Why have they decided this?

Part of C-NRPP’s mission is to ensure our professionals reflect high standards and ethics in their work, and comply with recognized standards of practice to protect public health and safety.  These standards will differentiate our professionals across the country from un-certified professionals.  We believe ensuring our mitigation professionals are insured, fits with this mandate.  Although in the past, insurance companies were unfamiliar with radon and the services our professionals provided, we believe it is now obtainable from companies within Canada.  Also, since we recommend that homeowner’s look for someone who is a C-NRPP Mitigation Professional and someone who is insured. We wanted to ensure that our professionals meet our own recommendations for homeowners.

You can view the: C-NRPP Communications Brief – Sept 2016 Mandatory Insurance

What if I am already certified, when do I need to have this insurance in place?

The requirement is mandatory for all new C-NRPP Mitigation Professionals and will apply to current professionals once their certification is up for renewal.

What is the requirement for insurance?

Although we recommend discussing this with an Insurance Professional, here is the required coverages and a brief description of each coverage.

Certification Requirements – Mandatory Insurance for C-NRPP Mitigation Professionals

Coverage must include:
–        $  2 million Commercial General Liability
–        $  2 million Radon Measurement and Mitigation Errors and Omissions

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is designed to provide coverage in situations where you cause physical damage to someone’s property while at work or if someone is injured on your premises (slip & fall) or even at the workplace (you spill your coffee and someone slips and breaks an ankle).

Errors & Omissions coverage insured you against any liability in the event you are sued as a result of your professional advice or service.

Here are some other quick things of note about the insurance coverage:

  • If your company has coverage it should apply to all employees within the company, each employee does not need to be named on the policy, insurance company should confirm that the coverage meets our requirements and that there are no employees restricted from the coverage.
  • If your insurance company does not provide this coverage, or you would like to compare prices with another company, email C-NRPP for a contact for a quote.
  • We do not recommend that you cancel your insurance in the middle of a term, if your insurance company cannot provide adequate coverage, and you will need to change companies, we will renew your certification and mark your file for your renewal date and follow up to confirm coverage on that date. These fees can be quite costly to cancel a policy mid-term.


Trainer’s FAQ

I am interested in providing courses for C-NRPP Professionals.  How do I go about doing this?

If you are to provide certification courses, you must be certified in the area of training. Your first step would be to go through the certification process and then you can find information on how to become a trainer on our Become a Trainer page.

If you want to provide Continuing Education courses for our professionals, you can develop a course and then submit to C-NRPP for approval for credits.  You can find information on that process here.