Listed Radon Measurement Devices

(currently C-NRPP lists devices that have been reviewed and listed by NRPP)

Device Type*
Device Manufacturer

CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 300 & 301
CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 310
CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 500
CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 516
CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 800
CRAccustarAccustar/Radon Away RadStar RS 830
ATAccustarREM AT-100 Alpha Track Detector
CRAirthingsCorentium Pro

Durridge CoDurridge Co/Niton Rad 7 Professional Electronic Radon detector

femto TechFemtoTech CRM-510 Continuous Radon Monitor

femto TechfemtoTech 510M Blind Continuous Radon Monitor

PylonPylon PRD-1 Passive Radon Gas Monitor
CRPylonPylon AB-5 Portable Radiation Monitor
CRPylonPylon AB-4 Radon Measurement System
CRRadalinkRADALINK Radon Telemonitor
ELRad ElecRad Elec E-Perm SST (S-Chamber w/ST elec)
ELRad ElecRad Elec E-Perm LLT (L-Chamber w/ LT elec)
ELRad ElecRad Elec E-Perm SLT (S-Chamber w/ LT elec)
ELRad ElecRad Elec E-Perm LLT-OO Chamber w/LT elec. On/off switch)
ESRad ElecRad Elec LMT-00
CRRadonEyeFTLab RadonEye RD200P
ATRadonovaRadtrak2 – Alpha Track
ATRadonovaRadtrak3 – Alpha Track
ATRadonovaRapidos Alpha Track
CRRadon Testing
Corporation of America
RTCA MR-2000-S Blind
CRRadon Testing
Corporation of America
RTCA MR-2000 P-C
ATRSSIRSSI AT-101 Alpha Track Detector
CRSun NuclearSun Nuclear 1028
CRSun NuclearSun Nuclear 1028-XP
CRSun NuclearSun Nuclear 1029
CRSun NuclearSun Nuclear 1027
CRSun NuclearSun Nuclear 1030
ATFramework Scientific RadosysRSKS Alpha Track


All devices listed must also have an approved Analytical Laboratory to ensure that these are used following part of a proper Quality Assurance Program.

If you are a C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professional who provides services for deployment & collection of devices without providing the analysis, contact a certified Analytical Laboratory.

Measurement duration

Long-Term Radon Test – is a radon test which is of duration of 91 days or longer

  • Typical devices for Long-Term Radon Test are alpha track and electret ion (confirm with the manufacture of each device or the Device Listing above)

Short-Term Radon Test –is a radon test which is of duration of at least 48 hours but less than 3 months

  • Typical devices for short term radon tests are continuous radon monitors (CRM), Electret Ion (ES),  or alpha track (confirm with the manufacture of each device recommended duration)

*Device Types:

AT – Alpha track detectors use a small piece of special plastic or film inside a container to provide an average of radon levels over the full duration of the testing period.  The package is opened to start the test and when the test is completed it is sent to the laboratory for analysis. The radon exposure duration can be from 10 days to 12 months.  Verify with the manufacturer the suggested duration for each device.

CR – Continuous Radon Monitor record real-time continuous measurements of radon gas over a series of minutes and reports the results, generally in hourly increments. These devices will have methods for storing, displaying, and retrieving the data logged by the device and may also have the ability to measure and track additional environmental parameters above and beyond the radon concentration such as temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity, and they often have onboard motion sensors.  These devices need to be annually calibrated by the manufacturer.

EL or ES– Electret Ion Chambers consists of a special plastic canister (ion chamber) containing an electrostatically charged disk detector (electret). This type of detector may be deployed for 48 hrs to 12 months EL for long term configuration, ES for short term configuration.

Note: C-NRPP strongly recommends that a decision for mitigation be based on a long-term test as per Health Canada guidance.  C-NRPP acknowledges that Short-Term Testing has a place in post-mitigation confirmation, real estate and when a more rapid indication of the radon concentration may be required. All short-term tests should be confirmed with a follow-up long-term test to have an accurate representation of the average annual long-term exposure & before a decision for mitigation is taken.