Understanding a Radon Mitigation System

Do you have high radon?

Want to know what to do?

A radon mitigation system is a proven, efficient method to reduce radon levels.



mit·i·gate (‘midә‚gãt/), verb
To mitigate means to make less severe, serious, or painful.

If you have tested your home and discovered it requires radon mitigation, it is best to hire a C-NRPP Certified Professional with proper training and hands-on experience in reducing radon levels.

A radon mitigation system is a simple, proven method of reducing radon.  However, a proper installation is important. A C-NRPP professional will use diagnostic methods to ensure the system is properly located and to chose an appropriate fan size. Once the mitigation system is running, it changes the pathway for the radon. Instead of entering the home through gaps in the foundation, radon is drawn through the pipe and exhausted outside.

After mitigation, many homes have radon levels that are comparable to radon levels in outdoor air. Additional benefits may also be reaped, such as less humidity in the basement, and lower levels of other soil gasses in the home.

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Interested in knowing about what research there is on Radon Mitigation systems?  Health Canada has conducted research on the effectiveness of radon mitigation systems compared to sealing or ventilation.  Find the details on the following two papers below.

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