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 C-NRPP Certified professionals are certified to work in every province and territory in Canada.  Please ask the Professional if you have questions about their service area.

Over 3000 Canadians die a year from radon induced lung cancer. A C-NRPP Professional will help you lower your radon levels and protect your family.

To locate a radon professional in your area, please select a search method below and provide the necessary search terms.

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Radon Measurement Professional – A professional who deploys and retrieves radon detectors and provides a report of the associated measurement results which are generated by a Radon Analytical Laboratory

Radon Mitigation Professional – A professional who interprets radon test results, and determines the most effective way to manage radon concentrations within buildings. This could include the requirement of further diagnostic testing, the design and/or installation of radon mitigation systems

Radon Analytical Laboratory – A laboratory/organization that can analyze radon detection devices

Radon Trainer – A professional who provides training for certification in Radon Measurement and/or Radon Mitigation (list will be posted soon!)

Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes (CRNCH) Installer – works in residential dwellings to specify, adapt, implement, configure, install, inspect and maintain radon rough-in systems, including active-ready and passive systems without fans, that meet the performance and reliability needs of homeowners in Canada by incorporating quality craftsmanship and complying with all applicable codes, standards and safety requirements.