Benefits of C-NRPP Certification

C-NRPP Certification offers many benefits to radon professionals:

– Have confidence in your work, knowing you received proper training based on Canadian guidelines.
– Feel accomplished helping to reduce homeowner’s risk of lung cancer due to radon.
– Increase business visibility by being listed on the C-NRPP Website, social media, and ordering personalized labels.


– Learn how to install mitigation systems properly and safely
– Get training in proper Worker Health & Safety
– Learn proper system design;
– Learn to follow industry developed protocols closely
– Learn about national and provincial building codes as well as best practice installations with respect to radon and soil gas


– Access to promotional tools designed to assist C-NRPP professionals
– Access to a List of radon measurement devices
– Access to a List of fans
– Access to pre-developed Health and Safety records
– Access to a community of professionals for advice
– Access to loan programs for customers through Manitoba Hydro (MB residents only)


– As a C-NRPP Certified Professional you are on our online list of professionals referenced by Health Canada, the Canadian Lung Association and Canadian Cancer Society
– Some Alberta Infrastructure jobs require C-NRPP certification for commercial construction
Tarion Warranty covers new homes in Ontario for up to 7 years; must be C-NRPP certified to complete mitigation
– Health Canada Recommends C-NRPP certification to homeowner’s
– Canadian Lung Associations recommend C-NRPP Certification
– Canadian Cancer Society recommends C-NRPP certification