Resources for Professionals

C-NRPP is working to develop tools to assist you. Most of our tools are available in English and French, to help you reach a wider audience.

Le PNCR-C travaille à développer des outils pour vous aider.  La plupart des outils sont disponible en anglais et en français, pour vous aider à atteindre le plus grand public possible.

Child Care Resources (english):
- Working Together to Prevent Lung Cancers - a guide for Child Care Centres
- Information Postcard for Parents
- Information Poster for Childcare Centre - radon testing in progress

les resources pour les garderies (français):
- Travailler ensemble pour prévenir le cancer du poumon – pour les garderies
- poster
Workplace Resource (english):
- Working Together to Prevent Lung Cancer - a guide for workplaces
- Protect Your Workplace from Radon
- 1 Page Placement information sheet
- Workplaces and Radon -What's next after you receive your results

Workplace Resource (french):
- Workplaces and Radon
- Workplaces and Radon - 1 placement guide
Mitigation Postcard - Do you have high radon?

postcard d'atténuation: une concentration de radon élevée?
Radon: A Radioactive gas that
can seep into your home

Protect Your Family from deadly Radon

Protégez votre famille du radon, un gaz mortel

Are you building a new home?/Vous construirez une nouvelle maison? (bilingual/bilingue)

Guidelines for Certified Professionals (Measurement)

Health Canada Documents/les documents de Santé Canada
EnglishHealth Canada's Guide for Radon Measurements in Residential Buildings

Health Canada's Guide for Radon Measurements in Public Buildings

Health Canada's Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors
EnglishC-NRPP Protocol for Conducting Short-Term Radon Measurements in Air

CARST's Guideline for Conducting a Radon Screening Assessment as part of a Real Estate Transaction
Quality Assurance Guidance/Conseils en matière d’assurance de la qualité
EnglishC-NRPP Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manual for Radon Sampling and Analysis conducted by Radon Measurement Professionals and Laboratories

C-NRPP Control Charts Templates Electret Ion Devices Dec 2018

C-NRPP-Control-Charts-Templates-for-Passive Device Users Dec 2018

C-NRPP-Control-Charts-Templates-for-Analysis of Passive Devices Dec 2018

CNRPP Control Charts Templates CRMs Dec 2018

Chart of Quality Control Minimum Requirements

Guidelines for Certified Professionals (Mitigation)

Health Canada Guideline
EnglishHealth Canada's Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors
CGSB Standards
EnglishNational Standard of Canada: Radon Mitigation options for existing low-rise residential buildings:
Radon control options for new construction in low-rise residential buildings P29-149-011-2019-eng
EnglishC-NRPP Mandatory Insurance
Radon Exposure Calculator - sample
Mitigation Mentorship Kit
C-NRPP Mitigation Labels Request C-NRPP Mitigation Labels

C-NRPP Technical Bulletins

C-NRPP Fan Specification Review - EnglishC-NRPP Fan Specification Review
C-NRPP Technical Bulletins - EnglishMeasurement - Decision to Mitigate
Mitigation - Homeowner Reference Side wall discharge
C-NRPP Technical Bulletins - FrenchBulletin technique PNCR-C La décision d’atténuer
Homeowner QA Side wall discharge - fr

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  • Sample mitigation contract. Email –
  • You may also want to check our CARST’s Resources for Members and CARST’s Resources for Real Estate Agents

    You may also want to take the CNRTC CE course on Train the Speaker.

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