Benefits of C-NRPP Certification

Are you interested in becoming C-NRPP certified?

Here are the benefits:

  • Get the proper training to help homeowner’s reduce their risk of lung cancer due to radon.
  • Add additional services to your current offerings.
  • Be listed on the C-NRPP Website
  • Receive Email updates
  • Have the opportunity to participate in local committees and outreach efforts
  • Be informed of education programs and conferences

Here is a list of organizations that recognize C-NRPP certification:

Health Canada

Canadian Real Estate Association

Canadian Lung Association

Ontario Lung Association

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


Take Action on Radon

Manitoba Hydro:
For homeowners to receive financial assistance for a Radon Mitigation through the Manitoba Hydro Loan program (Energy Finance Plan) a professional must be C-NRPP Certified.

Tarrion: Ontario’s Home Warranty Program

David Suzuki Foundation