Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) is a certification program designed to establish guidelines for training professionals in radon services.

Radon is a gas which can be found in concentrated levels inside homes.  When people are exposed to concentrated amounts of radon gas it can increase their chance of developing lung cancer.  If a non-smoker reduces radon levels in their home and workplace it may prevent their chance of developing lung cancer.  If a smoker reduces radon levels in their home and workplace it may reduce their chances of developing lung cancer.

Consumers – Find a Professional

As a consumer you will benefit finding a C-NRPP certified professional because they have been trained to a recognized standard of practice and are held accountable for working to established guidelines.

Professionals – How to become a C-NRPP Professional

As a professional you will benefit from becoming C-NRPP certified because we have developed a training program and resources to educate and prepare you for providing a quality level of services in the radon field and have connected with other organizations who recognized our program and recommend our certification to Canadians.

We encourage and seek compliance with the recognized standards of practice as we believe this will protect public health and safety.  We encourage our certified professionals to reflect these high standards and ethics in their work and services and to communicate accurately consumers, both to educate about the harmful effects of radon gas, as well as the methodologies used to measure and reduce radon levels within their living and work environments.


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