The Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) is a Canadian radon certification program (founded 2012) for radon professionals and analytical laboratories.

Consumers – Find a Professional

Professionals – How to become a C-NRPP Professional

We encourage and seek compliance with the recognized standards of practice as we believe this will protect public health and safety.  We encourage our certified professionals to reflect these high standards and ethics in their work and services and to communicate accurately  consumers, both to educate about the harmful effects of radon gas, as well as the methodologies used to measure and reduce radon levels within their living and work environments.

Certified C-NRPP Professionals are required to:

Obtain their certification through education and training
Maintain educational credits
Show proficiency
Maintain a Quality Assurance Plan and submit annually
Follow C-NRPP and Health Canada best Standards of Practice

These requirements assure the consumer that certified C–NRPP professionals will; collect  data properly, analyze and communicate results efficiently, and, if necessary provide a properly installed radon system, in the best interest of the consumer.

This website is primarily for Canadian radon professionals.  If you are a consumer interested in looking for radon information go to our page on Consumer Resources for a list of information sources.

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