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Radon professional are listed by province.
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C-NRPP Certified professionals are certified to work in every province and territory in Canada. 
Please ask the Professional if you have questions about their service area.


Radon Measurement Professional – A professional who deploys and retrieves radon detectors and provides a report of the associated measurement results which are generated by a Radon Analytical Laboratory

Radon Mitigation Professional – A professional who interprets radon test results, and determines the most effective way to manage radon concentrations within buildings. This could include the requirement of further diagnostic testing, the design and/or installation of radon mitigation systems

Radon Analytical Laboratory – A laboratory/organization that can analyze radon detection devices

Radon Trainer – A professional who provides training for certification in Radon Measurement and/or Radon Mitigation (list will be posted December 1, 2014)

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