New Homes

Have you recently built a new home?      –      Every home must be tested for radon.

Did you know? For all new homes, the National Building Code includes measures specifically designed to make radon mitigation systems quieter, more efficient and more effective. These measures include:

  • Gravel sub-membrane layer
  • Poly-membrane layer beneath the slabdsc_0825-2
  • Properly located, capped and labeled rough-in or passive pipe
  • Proper sealing
  • Properly sealed sump pump

Every new home must be tested for radon levels once occupied.

Test your home using a long term test during the first heating season that you occupy your new home.

C-NRPP has a certification that is specific for new home construction, Controling Radon in New Canadian Homes (CRNCH) trains individuals who are designing or involved in the construction of new homes in Canada, on radon and how it enters the home; degree of risk and personal protection; understanding of the National Building Code and methods of radon installation which will exceed requirements of the code, this will include installation of three levels of radon systems in low-rise construction.

Find a professional who is CRNCH Certified.