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Getting ready for November 2015 Radon Action Month:

C-NRPP has developed some tools that C-NRPP professionals can use for advertising radon.
Contact our office to order.  Email: info@c-nrpp.ca



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New Loan Program for Radon Mitigation in Manitoba:
Manitoba Hydro includes radon mitigation in loan program.
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C-NRPP Updates – January 2015

New Renewal Requirements – We have replaced the program of Category 1 and 2 Continuing Education courses.  :

C-NRPP’s new continuing education program is now titled, “C-NRPP Professional Practice Credits”. C-NRPP has changed the requirements for maintaining certification in radon measurement and mitigation. These changes are intended to encourage and recognize Canadian radon professional’s involvement in the radon industry’s development and growth. Radon professionals will now receive credit for participation in various activities which contribute to growing the radon industry in Canada through interactions with the public and other radon professionals. These credits will be required for your renewal every 2 years.  See more details on renewal requirements.

New Certification Course for New Home Construction – in response to some concerns about how the new building codes have been implemented, C-NRPP is in the process of developing a course for a new certification level which would be for new home installation only.

Quality Assurance Annual Submission – as part of the change from NRPP to C-NRPP one of the changes was adding mandatory Quality Assurance Submissions. In the beginning this was done at a set date in the year, however we are now changing this so that they will be required as part of your renewal documents. More information will be sent to you in the next month as we clarify quality assurance requirements and develop a C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual; however as your renewal approaches ensure that you are keeping your Quality Control spreadsheets up to date. We will be loading some support tools on our website and will let you know when those are available.

Highlights from 2014:
• CARST 2014 in Mississauga hosted a great group of speakers and participants
• Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) published recommendations that radon mitigation be included as an income tax rebate, I believe this would be great for homeowners and the radon industry if the federal government were to include this.
• Continued interest in Ontario to bring in radon legislation, currently known as Bill 11. This seems to have increase the amount of discussion happening both in Ontario and across the country on how provinces should be responding to radon.
• Continued progress in the provinces responding and adopting building code measures for radon, including new code in BC which brings in recommendations for passive systems in new homes and now New Brunswick has also adopted new building code measures as well.
• 2014 Take Action on Radon campaign working to bring stakeholders together in a common voice to Canadians
• Canadian celebrity voices joining the plea to Canadians with Mike Holmes and Dr. Marla talking about radon
• Canadian Cancer Society’s survey of radon knowledge in Canada showed that although we have come a long way in getting information out to the public, we need to continue to increase public awareness of radon.

Projects for the future:

– Revising the Quality Assurance Manual, we are working to develop a C-NRPP QA Manual

– Home Radon Alarm Listing,

– Developing a recognized name for the C-NRPP/PNCR-C across Canada; we are working with various organizations across the country to help them understand the importance of using C-NRPP/PNCR-C certified professionals and trying to ensure that training opportunities occur across the country to increase the number of C-NRPP/PNCR-C certified professionals

– Mitigation Mentorship Program