C-NRPP Statement on COVID-19

C-NRPP Professionals:

We know many of you are facing challenges and fears during these current uncertain times and are looking for guidance on how to manage your business and interact with your customers. We urge all C-NRPP Professionals to consider guidance provided by your municipal, provincial and federal authorities. Things are changing rapidly, so that may mean checking each morning on what the new recommendations are.

We all entered the radon industry focused on the health of Canadians and so I urge you to continue that mindset in dealing with your business during this current health crisis. Protecting our fellow Canadians is our priority. Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi said it like this, “Treat everyone like you are the one carrying the virus and act like you don’t want to spread it to them.” I think those are wise words to consider during these times. We don’t want to be the source of infection for anyone so be sure to follow recommendations that have been provided by our health authorities. Although this will mean an interruption to most businesses, it also provides an opportunity to take time to plan, and get things done that we don’t have time for in the regular busyness of daily operations.

You may run into challenges regarding client concerns around both measurement and mitigation. If you have a client who is conducting a long-term test, you may be in a position where you cannot retrieve the detector. In such a case, you may consider leaving the detector within the building and extend the deployment for a full year period, as per Health Canada’s guidance.

You may also have clients who are anxious to install a mitigation system but with the current constraints in place, it is not possible. It may be helpful to remind clients of the long-term exposure impact of radon, and depending on the situation, if there still exists a significant concern, you could potentially advise your client about opening a window on the lowest floor (basement or ground floor) either a small amount or intermittently while still being mindful of weather or home security until you are able to schedule the work. As you are likely aware, it is important to keep in mind that the effectiveness of such approaches will vary from building to building.

As CARST/C-NRPP, we are here to support you. We value the work that you are doing and are looking forward to helping you get back to it when things return to normal. We have seen a significant uptake in radon awareness over the last few months and we are hopeful that this will continue through the coming year. We anticipate that this health crisis may heighten people’s awareness of air quality within their homes.

Here are some things that we are working on to support our members:

  • 1. We have posted links on the CARST website and will be updating information as we hear about it: https://carst.ca/carstblog/8843045
  • 2. We have scheduled some regular webinars to touch base, starting this Friday. We will be posting the topics shortly, but in the meantime we think it would be useful to have some time to regularly connect.
  • 3. We are working on training and online webinar content. We are scheduling speakers and will be posting topics and times online shortly.